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Your ADD team

Your three-person team plus another 100 specialists

ADD has a three-person team whose members know your case thoroughly. They are your first point of contact when you have any questions. But they also get in contact if your case so requires. Your core team consists of:

Your account manager:

  • coordinates your risk management approaches
  • investigates your current insurance requirements
  • talks to you about sharp-minded insurance solutions

Your customer advisor

  • checks to see if your current policies are consistent with your requirements
  • negotiates the best deals with the insurance company and
  • develops the most efficient insurance scheme for your company
  • discusses new opportunities with you

Your claims manager

  • is always available  when you are in a claim situation
  • undertakes fast and appropriate claims handling negotiations with companies
  • establishes astute service level agreements
  • analyses your damage statistics

They obviously do not operate all by themselves. Behind the scenes, they are busy tapping into the knowledge of nearly 100 ADD specialists, each one of whom boasts extensive expertise in specific fields. This means you can be sure all your questions receive the right answers.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

An IPO is increasingly becoming a source of funding for companies. The capital raised can be used to invest in growth and strengthen a market position. However, a stock exchange listing also carries risks, particularly in terms of liability. Even years and years after an IPO has taken place, the parties involved may be prosecuted by disgruntled shareholders.

ADD has successfully guided very many leading Belgian companies with their flotation on the stock market. Our specialists lend their support in word and deed before, during and after the operation, safeguarding you from the IPO risks and protecting you against the growing threats involved in this process. Also in the event of a new recapitalisation.

  • Marc Rodeyns
    Underwriter Financial Lines & Specialties




Technology is becoming increasingly prominent in your world and by the same token your business is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Defective machinery, a cyber attack,... can seriously damage your line of business.

ADD can help you to develop extremely reliable safety programmes and underpin them with well-designed insurance policies that tie in with your company's risks. The services range from having experienced engineers carry out inspections to assigning experienced legal experts to work on the small print in policies.


It is extremely difficult to manage environmental risks. A slight problem with an unsightly dosing valve, a leaking tank or a minor error by an employee, ... can cause your company millions of Euro worth of damage before you know it. The public authorities are increasingly insisting that it is up to companies to repair the damage caused. The outcome is huge clean-up costs. Not to mention the liability claims.

ADD can lend you its support in taking this major step to guard against environmental damage. We offer specific environmental insurance, supplementing your standard fire and liability policy with further protection against the financial impact of an environmental disaster.

  • Paul Caekebeke
    Underwriter Financial Lines & Specialties


Your vehicle fleet is an expensive but essential component of your business. More importantly, your company's productivity is dependent upon having an effectively managed fleet. As long as the costs are kept under control, of course.

ADD has developed a unique fleet management and insurance concept, to help prevent damage, cut down the amount of red tape and promote clear in-house guidelines. We use a detailed assessment of your damage statistics to prepare an assurance package involving competitive rates and an excellent service.

  • Tom Maes
    Underwriter Fleet & Mobility

Renewable energy

Your renewable energy sector is still largely uncharted territory, involving large budgets, specific risks and invariably international partners,... what you need is a specialist to ensure your liability and other risks are properly covered.

ADD is a specialist in renewable energy. We analyse your insurance case down to the  smallest detail, act as your partner for due diligence projects and stand at your side during negotiations with insurance companies.

Human Capital

As your staff are the driving force of your business, they need to be well looked after (not to mention the company manager). This investment pays itself back many times over.

ADD helps you to protect and motivate your staff. We join you in thinking about an attractive pay package (the maximum level of benefits with the lowest level of taxation) and offer you rock-solid risk insurance. We organise information sessions and brochures to provide information about these policies to ensure everyone is up-to-date with your approach.

  • Marijke Van Roijen
    Business manager Employee Benefits


Experiencing international growth is an exciting and challenging process. It is also fraught with risk because every time you expand you are moving into unknown legal territory, involving different liability and insurance regulations.

ADD is ready to act as your guide abroad. Forming part of the Worldwide Broker Network we have first-hand knowledge about all kinds of general and specific regulations in the exporting and importing countries you are interested in. Our network boasts 18,000 professionals in 70 countries.

  • Bart Vanoorbeek
    International Manager


Liability may be the hardest risk to estimate. You are well aware of your responsibility and risks vis à vis a contracts partner but what about visitors to your plant? Customers whose personal details are stored on your server? Local inhabitants? The environment?

ADD joins you in making an in-depth risk analysis so no stone is left unturned in our bid to make an extensive review of all your activities and the relevant contextual factors. This helps us to obtain a true picture of all the risks and the capital to be insured.

  • Marc Rodeyns
    Underwriter Financial Lines & Specialties

Public authorities

As a public administration or an agency operating in the social profit sector you have set yourself highly specific insurance targets and you have to observe strict tendering rules.

For many years now, ADD has acted as a partner for hospitals, care institutions, school, universities, non-profit-making bodies, public social assistance centres, housing associations, residential care centres, sports and recreational centres, municipalities and municipal companies. Together we mediate, manage and optimise your insurance records so that you can enjoy better cover and a lower insurance budget.

  • Jan Braekman
    Underwriter Property & Engineering


Your company has invested a great deal of capital in buildings, machinery and stocks and you naturally want them to be well insured, so what you are expecting are rock-solid policies with extensive cover.

ADD goes one stage further, insuring not only your fixed assets but also considering how a halt to production affects your balance sheet and how quickly the damage can be repaired. We prepare a life insurance plan to ensure your company can quickly overcome any damage suffered.

  • Jan Braekman
    Underwriter Property & Engineering


It only natural that you should keep on trying to innovate because that is the only way to maintain your  leading position but breaking new ground is a risky business and poorly protected intellectual property can cost you a lot of money, leaving your business lagging behind for several years.

This is why ADD always starts with an in-depth risk management process. We estimate the value of your R&D and make sure it is well protected. We then join you in considering how to exploit your know-how to the hilt without running any excessive business risks.

  • Marc Rodeyns
    Underwriter Financial Lines & Specialties


As you are well aware, transport activities involve risks but the regulations applied to goods transport operations tend to be on the  vague side. And you cannot afford the slightest slipup.

ADD can help you make a correct and fair assessment of your transport risks – no relying on gut feelings. This in-depth analysis serves as the basis for the cover we offer in each stage of the process: from packing to delivery.

Trade credit

Your company's profitability is seriously affected by customers failing to pay their bills. Just calculate how much extra you have to sell to compensate for an unpaid invoice. It is no wonder that bad payers are the leading cause of many bankruptcies.

ADD prevents credit problems by working with you to work out a smart credit solution, to protect your company against a never-ending stream of outstanding invoices and the risk of major customers going out of business. We even adopt a proactive approach by screening new partners in the light of their creditworthiness and payment behaviour.

  • Chantal Evenepoel
    Business manager Credit Insurance
  • Christophe Ghyselinck
    Business manager Credit Insurance
  • Christel Dubois
    Account manager Credit Insurance