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Tips & tricks to minimize the risk of fire

08 July 2016


There is a lot of sense and nonsense being said about fire prevention. Below we offer you a number of useful tips. Remember that the most common causes of fire are ordinary, everyday things …

Tips for fire (prevention):

  • Avoid the use of extension cables or power strips; use wall sockets whenever you can;
  • Determine your possible escape route beforehand, and, if necessary, ensure there is a fire escape ladder;
  • Install smoke detectors on every floor ánd on the escape route, and check the batteries regularly;
  • Place approved fire extinguishers in easily accessible locations and make sure they getregular maintenance;
  • Do not smoke in places/ rooms where you could fall asleep holding a burning cigarette;
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended, and never place a candle near a flammable object;
  • Have the chimney swept every year;
  • Keep matches away from children;
  • Be careful with overheated or over-boiling oil or fat;
  • Unplug all wires during a storm or when you are a away from home for a while, or invest in protection against power surges;
  • Have all electrical installations in an industrial environment checked or inspected on a yearly basis;
  • Avoid the use of flammable material in technical rooms;
  • Keep fire doors and gates closed and in good condition.

Moreover, did you know…?

  • That, as a tenant, you always have to take out fire insurance? After all, when something goes wrong, there is always the presumption that it is caused by the tenant. Owners themselves also have to take out insurance, even if the property is rented out.
  • That fire insurance does not only cover fire? It also includes cover against water damage, damage from storm and hailstones, broken glass; civil liability against damage to the building; natural disasters, and theft.
  • That you, as owner, should better take out building insurance at the reinstatement value of the building, but as tenant, you should only do so at the real value? Home insurance should better be taken out at replacement cost.


We will gladly send an expert to visit you for advice regarding your particular situation. You can contact your trusted liaison at ADD.


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