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Simplify your fleet management by unbundling your insurance policies

16 January 2017


ADD’s unique stop-loss formula offers you one single insurance solution for the various leasing companies you work with. On top of that, by unbundling the insurance portion from the lease contract, you can save from 20 up to 30%. Your company will function more productively and managing your fleet will be so much easier.

Many companies lease their cars from several suppliers. Yet, this multi-supplier approach also means that every supplier has his own particular method, which means dealing with various insurance companies, different ways of reporting and a mishmash of guarantees and procedures. ADD has a solution for you: unbundling your insurance policies.

Unbundling means that you separate the insurance portion from the lease contract. This implies that your company has one and the same policy for the different leasing companies. Thanks to this overall policy, your fleet manager will have a broader overview. The formula can also generate savings of 20 up to 30%. Additionally, the fact of unbundling your policies will bring more uniformity:

  • As to guarantees: every employee with a company car is insured through the same formula. By eliminating the difference in cover, the chance that a director may be held responsible becomes highly unlikely;
  • As to reporting: one familiar lay-out;
  • As to procedures: gone are the days of having to mail or call the different companies and of a tangle of procedures; now there is only one standard procedure, that is printed on the green card of each car.

ADD can also offer proactive prevention based on damage statistics, so you do not get any surprise premium increases at the end of the year. Unbundling provides freedom when tendering: if you remove the variable factor (the insurance policy) from the contract, you can actually make a proper comparison between the different suppliers.

How exactly does ADD’s Fleet & Mobility work? ADD will first make an inventory of all the insurance components of your fleet. Then we make a professional analysis of the current situation. Thanks to this analysis, we map your correct risk profile. Subsequently, we develop an optimization proposal with various options, based on the results of our findings. And finally, ADD will supervise the full implementation (SLA’s) and the meetings with the different leasing companies.

So, ADD will act as an experienced insurance partner with your HR or fleet department, and will offer one single insurance solution for your entire fleet; we will offer constructive comments with regard to your car policy and we will continuously monitor the changes in the mobility industry. Would you like more information on our fleet formula? Would you like a tailor-made proposal? Contact our fleet specialist Sirik Meyntjens, or contact your trusted ADD contact person.

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