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Prevent cybercrime in your organization with these practical tips

08 May 2020


Prevention is better than cure. ADD is always there for you with an optimal cybercrime and fraud insurance, but is also happy to give you the necessary advice to simply not give digital disaster a chance in your organization. In collaboration with KBC, for example, we organised an interesting webinar full of practical tips to prevent cybercrime. Below you will find a foretaste.

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1.You are a more interesting target than you think

Make no mistake: your company (just like private individuals, by the way) can also fall victim to cybercrime, and no sophisticated tools are required for that. What's more, hackers do not always work alone, but often in groups and not seldom at the behest of a rogue, larger client. They launch small attacks on a large scale (e.g. phishing emails) on less protected individuals or companies. They do not always receive large sums of money, but they do not have to: many small ones make a large one. A warned entrepreneur is worth two.

2.Business and IT must work together

Risk-based defense means that the most important data in an organisation must be given the most protection. It is up to the CEO to determine the strategy and to make it clear to the CIO and IT department which departments within the company are vital and therefore need to be defended as a matter of priority.

3.Install now

Did you know that every time your computer suggests you install an update, it actually means that a leak has been detected in your system? The update then serves as a 'security patch'. Attentive hackers are also notified of this update and then look for the type of leak that is at the origin. They then point their arrows at anyone who has pressed the 'install later' button.

4. 'Least privilege

Trust your employees, but don't grant too much authority when it comes to IT. Give your people 'least privilege' (the privilege to manage applications and search for data themselves, but only those they really need to do their job). In this way, a hacker who takes over an employee's computer can only cause limited damage.

5.Cyber security also depends on awareness

As long as everyone obeys the rules, you'll be fine. Or at least that's what you think, because in practice employees appear to open doors for cyber criminals, often due to a lack of awareness. Informing your staff clearly and comprehensibly about the practices of phishing, the importance of strong passwords and the like is once again the message.

Optimally insured against cybercrime

Do you have questions about your cybercrime policy or are you looking for comprehensive fraud insurance? Our insurance architects will be happy to help you! Contact us quickly for a no-obligation consultation.



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