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Occupational accident or not? 5 frequently asked questions to the insurance broker

28 April 2021


Do employees benefit from the same accident cover at home as in the workplace? With more and more people working from home due to the corona crisis, there is sometimes a lack of clarity regarding the workers' compensation insurance. In this article, we provide answers to some important questions, which you have probably asked yourself.

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 1. Is falling down the stairs at home an occupational accident?

Falling down the stairs at home is considered an accident at work if it happens during working hours and in execution of the employment contract. Your insurer will probably ask for written proof that your employee was allowed to work at home. If there is no such document, then the employee may have to prove that it was an occupational accident.


2. Is a home worker insured when he/she leaves the house to buy  his/her lunch?

Yes, a home worker is in principle insured when he buys his lunch and also when he eats it at the place of purchase. This is because labour legislation equates the route to and from the location where an employee buys or takes his meal with the work route. This applies to both 'regular' employees and home workers. Please note that in this case, too, the insurer may ask for written permission to work from home or submit other evidence.


 3. Is a home worker insured when he/she brings his/her children to school?

Just like other employees, home workers are  insured when they take their children to school or to the childcare centre, as well as on their way back home, provided they have written permission to work from home. Strictly speaking, home workers do not have a route to and from work, but for this specific purpose the labour law provides an exception.


 4. Is a home worker insured when he/she goes to the shop?

That depends. First and foremost, the shop visit must take place during working hours or on the working route and it must be a necessary trip or diversions, for example to buy food. A visit to a clothes shop, on the other hand, will lead to discussions with most insurers.


 5. Is a home worker insured in his/her country house?

When a home-based worker works in his/her country house, this location is considered to be his/her place of work, in principle. However, an accident in the outside area is only an occupational accident if it happens within the execution of the employment contract. Your insurer may ask for proof of this. In this kind of situation, too, it is not a luxury to put the permission to work at home, and specifically in the country house, in writing.


An informed employee is worth two

As an employer, you are well advised not only to provide (obligatory) a workers' compensation insurance, but also to clearly inform your employees about the cover that is included or not included. If you also want to protect them against accidents in their private lives, we recommend private accident insurance. Want to know more? Feel free to contact our experts.



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