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Easy worldwide risk management via WBNet

08 November 2016


Does your company know exactly which insurance policies it has currently running? At which conditions? And in which countries? Do you have all the data in order to optimise your global insurance portfolio? WBNet assists you with your worldwide risk management. The new version, WBNet 3.0, contains data that have been processed to an unprecedented depth.

ADD is the only Belgian insurance broker, member of the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN). This is the largest international network of independent insurance brokers, with local offices in more than 100 countries. Hence, ADD can offer you the use of WBNet, the Worldwide Broker Network’s digital platform. WBNet provides one (digital) point of access with a crystal-clear overview of your multinational insurance programme.

The tool looks the same in every country you are active. The working language is English. Every broker can upload different types of input. For example, there is a database with all policies for every local insured company, with a synopsis in English. It is also possible to exchange data: notes, tasks, documents, e-mails, claims, … There are fixed fields for data such as premiums paid and capital insured, so all key date are easily accessible.

All info is neatly grouped, providing an overview of how risk management is handled country by country. That way, you can, for example, check if you have not forgotten to cover important risks for a specific country. It is equally easy to compare premiums for the capital insured as they are applied in the countries where you are active. WBNet allows you to co-ordinate your company’s international risk management, and to deploy the worldwide data functionally. You will perfectly see where it is possible to handle the risk globally, allowing you to optimise your insurance portfolio.

In other words, WBNet facilitates the worldwide co-operation between the different subsidiaries of a company. Representatives of the company have access to the platform, wherever they are in the world, at least, up to the level of access they have been granted. Equally, all local brokers of the multinational company will have access to the platform. Thanks to this integrated approach, WBNet is a joint venture between brokers and customers.

Would you like to know more about WBNet and the conceptual approach of an international company’s insurance portfolio, please contact ADD’s international departement.

Contact persons: Petra Ter Woort, Nakunda Kizigha and Matthew Serck


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