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Cybercrime does not leave the transport sector alone either

28 August 2020


Technology does not stand still, unfortunately not in the world of cybercrime either. For some years now, cybercriminals have been focusing less on data leaks and more on shutting down crucial infrastructure. This means that transport companies are now increasingly in their sights, risking considerable economic losses and reputational damage if they are insufficiently prepared for a cyber attack. Find out where the biggest risks lie and how to cover them.

Cybercrime risks in the transportation industry


Nowadays, vehicles are permanently connected to the work floor. When dynamic route planning or online communication between drivers and internal employees is not possible, routes and means of transport can no longer be optimally planned and adjusted if necessary.


Administrative departments are and will remain the nerve centre of companies in all sectors. They oversee invoicing, contract management, etc. and often hold a wealth of valuable information about the company in question. Without them you cannot be operational, let alone guarantee continuity.

Access infrastructure 

Access to sites, grounds and buildings is increasingly electronic (badges,

number plate recognition, finger and/or iris scanning, ...). Cyber criminals can not only bypass these security mechanisms, but can also use them against you. 

Warehouse management

Paralysis of digital warehouse management systems inevitably leads to operational downtime with all its consequences (late deliveries, spoilt goods, etc.).

Internal and external communication

How will your internal and external communication work if you can no longer access your source files? Online tools, which would otherwise be a great asset to your customers, will turn into your biggest nightmare in the hands of cyber criminals.

Supply chain

A cyber attack at one point in the supply chain very quickly creates a snowball effect, causing damage to all parties involved. 


What are the consequences for you?

Cybercriminals will not hesitate to bring your business to a partial or complete standstill. Whether you pay the ransom or not, you suffer loss of turnover and reputational damage anyway. In addition, you risk sanctions and obligations according to the GDPR and you have to incur costs to restore your software and data. What's more, your customers and suppliers will not fail to make a liability claim against you.

Protect yourself against cybercrime with tailor-made insurance.

If you do not yet have cybercrime insurance, we advise you to do so immediately. In the event of a cyber attack, you will immediately receive crisis assistance (legal, IT, PR, ...) and you will not have to bear the costs of data recovery.You also benefit from a guarantee for your own damage and damage to third parties.  Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact our insurance architects! 


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