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The 4 to do’s of risk managers, brokers and insurers for a successful international insurance programme

08 July 2016


The 4 to do’s of risk managers, brokers and insurers for a successful international insurance programme

Most international companies and organisations prefer to insure their risks worldwide through integrated portfolios. This is the standard approach in the sector. It is, undoubtedly, a better solution for covering your risks than a decentralised approach with an amalgamation of local insurance policies.

An integrated insurance programme offers a more coherent cover, more transparency and a lower risk of non-compliance. For now, we offer you some basic principles for successful international insuring.

1. Good two-way communication is essential

Every global insurance programme should be the result of a close co-operation between client, broker and insurer. Obviously, this requires intensive communication between all parties involved.

Every successful international insurance programme should be the culmination of thorough insight in, and comprehension of the specific organisational risks, culture and philosophy of the company. Those are the key pillars that define the structure of the international insurance scheme.

ADD presents itself as an insurance architect, especially when it comes to setting up international programmes, which are made-to-measure.

2. Creating risk awareness is crucial

Obviously, the approach for large organisations with an international risk management structure is different from that for “smaller” international companies.

However, the risks to which a company can be exposed, do not necessarily match their size.

Investments in emerging markets are more and more commonplace.

They provide opportunities for the company, yet one is not always aware of the fact that the company also becomes exposed to an increasing number of risks.

Knowledge of local regulations and economic and cultural requirements at insurance level are therefor just as important to make a correct risk assessment.

We have the very important task of raising our clients’ risk awareness and of offering potential insurance solutions.

3. Local support is a must

ADD is part of the Worldwide Broker Network, precisely to meet the international needs of our clients.

Local service is our focus, and this includes both policy and claims management.

Apart from managing local policies, underwritten within the framework of integrated portfolios, they also manage the policies that are required by local legislation.

Local claims management is also appropriate in countries where insuring abroad, in accordance with the principle of freedom to provide services, is not allowed.

It helps in avoiding problems that frequently occur when the compensations are transferred from abroad.

Here, local support in policy and claims management is of the utmost importance.  Here, companies should be able to fall back on the international network of professional brokers.

4. Access to global data is paramount

Finally, for an efficient management of a global insurance programme, it is also necessary that clients and brokers have access to a global data management system, with essential information on policies, claims, and premiums. Moreover, this information has to be reliable, up-to-date and available at all times.

On the 1st of January, ADD and Worldwide Broker Network launched the newest version of WBNet, which is undoubtedly one of the highest performing reporting systems available to the international entrepreneur.


The development and management of an international insurance platform is a dynamic process. It requires commitment of all parties involved, and it is the only way to cover the business risks of a client in the best possible way and to aim, at the same time, to achieve a maximum “compliance” with the worldwide insurance dossier.


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