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Purpose of the website

The website is designed to provide simple and quick access to relevant information. All information on this website is of a general nature, unless explicitly stated otherwise. It is not tailored to individual or specific situations and should not be regarded as personal, professional or legal advice. You should always contact ADD when you want to receive specific or personal advice.

Use of the website

ADD devotes considerable care and attention to its website and seeks to ensure that all the information it contains is as complete, correct, understandable, accurate and up to date as possible. Despite these constant efforts, ADD cannot guarantee that the information provided is complete, correct, accurate or up to date. If any information provided on (or via) the website is erroneous, ADD will make every effort to correct it as quickly as possible. ADD rejects any liability for the choices that the user of the website makes based on the information appearing on it, and for the consequences related to those choices. The content of the website (including the hyperlinks) may be changed, supplemented or deleted at any time, without prior announcement or notification.

If you notice any inaccuracies, you can contact the website manager about them using the contact form. ADD will make every effort to avoid technical disruptions as much as possible, but cannot guarantee that the website will be entirely free of interruption or other technical problems.
ADD cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss suffered through use of this website or of the information made available on or via it, including – but not limited to – all losses, interruptions to work, damage to software or other data on your computer system, or to your hardware or programs.

Hyperlinks and references

You may be referred through hyperlinks on or via this website to the websites of public authorities, bodies or organisations or to sources of information managed by third parties. ADD has no control or say whatsoever over the technical operation or content of these sites and is therefore unable to provide any guarantee regarding the completeness or accuracy of their content or of the availability of these websites and sources of information. Hyperlinks to other sites do not entail any endorsement of the external site or its content. The links in question are provided for your information and convenience. Consequently, ADD declines all liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from viewing or using such external websites and their content.

Intellectual property rights

You have the right to view the information on this site, to download and reproduce it for your personal use, provided that you cite the source, in accordance with the Copyright Act of 30 June 1994. This permission does not apply, however, to texts for which explicit restrictions are placed on their use. Prior permission is always required for the reproduction or use of multimedia information (sound, images, software, etc.). You can use the contact form to get in touch with ADD about reproducing the information.
ADD retains all intellectual property rights in respect of the website itself and of the information made available on it. If you infringe ADD’s or another party's intellectual or other rights and fail to comply with the conditions mentioned above, you undertake to compensate ADD or the other parties and to hold them harmless against any claims or liabilities arising from such infringement.


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